Pikuach announces delay to section 48 inspections until Autumn

15th April 2021

Pikuach, the Board of Deputies’ body responsible for inspecting Jewish education in maintained Jewish schools, has announced that no section 48 inspections in Jewish schools will be carried out in the summer term, and are likely to return in the autumn term 2021.

Inspections had previously been delayed until the start of the summer term due to the pandemic. This period of suspension has been extended due to the period of lockdown that saw schools closed to most pupils from January to March. As before, the suspension of inspections means that there will be some schools whose next inspection will come after the statutorily-required five year period, but discussions held with Ofsted and the Department for Education have confirmed that no schools will be penalised for this.

Ofsted has announced that a full return to inspections is expected from September.

Writing to schools, Director of Pikuach Jeffrey Leader said “With the announcement that Ofsted has suspended a return to full inspections until the next academic year, we are also announcing that a return to section 48 Pikuach inspections will be delayed until the autumn term. After discussions with Ofsted and the Department for Education, we have been assured that no schools will be penalised if they were due an inspection during the period in which they have been postponed.”

“Pikuach are aware that this has been an incredibly challenging time for school leaders, teachers, staff, parents and pupils. I want to take the opportunity to thank you for all your work to support the education of the community’s young people.”